February 27, 2016


About the Junkie

Anybody that knows me knows I have a pretty addictive personality. If I try something and I like it chances are it will consume me for at least a couple days if not weeks, months or years..

As a kid I enjoyed going to Benbrook Lake with my Dad. Sometimes we would let him fish, but most of the time he was dragging us around the lake on a styrofoam boggie board in old tri-hull boat with a 25hp Johnson. The earliest memory I have of catching a fish was while my Dad was chasing a school of white bass (I believe) with a spoon and he was pulling them in the boat one after another. He told me to just throw anything in there and I would catch something. Turns out he was right…. I am not sure what I had tied on at the time, but somehow I managed to pull a small catfish out from underneath that school. The feeding frenzy lasted all of about 3-5 minutes and my Dad had a boat load of fish. I caught one fish and spent the majority of my time trying to get the hook out of the catfish while Dad filled the freezer.

I took a long hiatus from fishing after he sold the boat and didn’t have a way to get on the water. In 2004ish a good friend of mine took a trip to Kerrville Texas to fish the Guadalupe River and do some camping. We were armed with a two man bass buster and a trolling motor. I would highly discourage using a bass buster and a trolling motor for a “river run” on the Guadalupe, but with some grunt work we made it work. That was the trip that started my addiction for small boat/kayak fishing (especially in rivers and small bodies of water).

It was not until 2006 or 2007 that I bought a kayak. Another friend of mine had an uncle that was cleaning out his garage or something like that and getting rid of two sit-in kayaks a lot like this Sun Dolphin Aruba. If my memory servers me correctly we paid $100 total for two of them. I fished out of that thing allot on the Concho River and on Lake Nasworthy in San Angelo. When I moved to Lubbock, Texas I assumed that all these playa lakes were just filled with catfish and carp and that type of fishing has yet to appeal to me so I gave my kayak away instead of haul it up here.

Then after another trip with rental kayaks down the Guadalupe river in April of 2014 I decided I was to old for uncomfortable rental kayaks. Here is where my kayak fishing addiction really gets borderline out of control. I did research for about a month and decided to get a Jackson Cuda 12. Then about a year later I traded a road bicycle for a Jackson Coosa. Then about 6 months later I added a Hobie Pro Angler 14 to the fleet. Like I said borderline.

The famous last words of a junkie…. All I need is one more kayak and then I am done. We all know that’s not true. The best way I can explain having multiple kayaks to to somebody that has never kayak fished is like this. Every body of water has elements that one kayak would be better than the other. So one needs to be prepared. Would you go play golf with just a putter in your bag? That might be a great club hitting balls under a windmill at Putt Putt, but not at Pebble Beach.