DIY – Low cost transducer mount on Jackson Cuda 12

After a couple months of research I finally decided to drill holes into the ole Jackson Cuda 12. This was a very hard thing for me to do, but I think it is going to work out.

I wanted a transducer mount that was cheap, easily removed, low drag, and would break away should I hit a stump or get it hung on something. I think I accomplished all of this for $15 bucks.

All of these parts were bought at Lowes hardware store. Here is a list of all the parts and a few pictures.

Price Quantity Total Desc
$4.52 1 $4.52 Flat piece of aluminum. 1/8×3/4×3
$1.24 2 $2.48 Wing nuts (1.24 ea.)
$1.59 1 $1.59 1 inch angle bracket
$4.73 1 $4.73 5/16in-18 Bar Knob
$0.14 2 $0.28 5/16in x 1/2in hex bolts
$0.16 1 $0.16 5/16in x 3/4in hex bolt
$0.18 3 $0.54 5/16 lock washer
Grand Total $14.30


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