Nikwax Waterproofing Test

After a long afternoon in the rain I decided it was probably time to use the Nikwax I bought last year. The only way I knew to test how good this Nikwax stuff works or doesn’t work was weigh the water retention of my waterproof garments before treating with Nikwax and after. I weighed each garment before and after standing in a cold shower for 10 minutes. I immediately put the garments in a bucket to weigh them after each shower test.


First off these garments are far from new. This test is not to try and determine the quality of the garments, but rather a test of the Nikwax waterproofing system and if it can revive waterproof materials. Here are the two garments I used for testing. Frabill F2 Surge Rainsuit Jacket and the Cabelas Guideware Bib (with Gortex).

First I weighed both the bib and the jacket before I applied the Nikwax and before the shower test. Here are the weights of each dry garment before treatment.
Dry bib before before Nikwax (left)
2.224 LBS
Dry jacket before Nikwax (right)
1.646 LBS
Dry Bib  Dry Jacket

Then after standing in a cold water shower I weighed the garment again.
Wet bib before Nikwax (left)
Wet Jacket before Nikwax (right)
Wet Bib  Wet Jacket

Then I washed both garments of clothing in the Nikwax waterproofing treatments and waited until they were thoroughly dry and then stood in cold shower again to see how much they weighed.
Wet bib after Nikwax (left)
Wet Jacket after Nikwax (right)

I would have to say that more important to water retention is how much water can hinder the breath-ability of the fabric. I could tell a noticeable difference in how hot and humid I was before the nikwax treatment just from standing in the cold shower. Do yourself a favor and buy some of this stuff and try it out for yourself. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Final Results:

dry weight bib 2.224
dry weight Jacket 1.646
before treatment Weight Weight Difference
bib 2.582 +0.358
jacket 2.178 +0.532
after treatment Weight Weight Difference
bib 2.43 +0.206
jacket 2.044 +0.398


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